TFB’s Crochet Basics: Where do I start?


So you want to learn how to crochet? You’ve come to the right place! Here I will be introducing the bare essential items that you would need to begin your first steps to crochet madness! (trust me, you will become obsessed…. hehe)

Let’s get to it!


This is yarn…. Yarn comes in many types and sizes, thicknesses, colours and flavours… maybe not flavours but sometimes it can look pretty yummy! I know its tempting to get the softest, fluffiest looking silky yarn, but I suggest starting out with a cheap, non-fluffy yarn that is a medium weight (this is usually called “worsted”) as the stitches will be easy to see for beginners.

In Australia, you can pretty much get cheapy $2 acrylic yarn from any discount shop!


These are crochet hooks. You only use one at a time when working, however projects can sometimes call for multiple hooks to be used, this usually happens when you want to make stitches smaller or larger without changing the actual number of stitches; the small hooks create smaller, tighter stitches and the large hooks create larger, looser stitches.


There are usually numbers/letters on the actual hook shaft, these indicate the size of the hook itself. I prefer to work in (mm) which most parts of the world do. The US however, use a letter and number to indicate the size. Most hook packets have both the US and metric sizes on them, but I have created a conversion chart here if you aren’t sure. I suggest starting out with a 5.0mm hook as it will create an easy to work with size stitch on worsted weight yarn.

You will also need a pair of scissors. I’m not all about fancy-schmancy “crochet scissors”, I recommend a small, sharp pair, which are easy to use and make clean cuts!

These are the absolute essentials! There are other optional supplies that you may or may not need depending on the project itself, but we will cover those later.

I think I have pretty much covered the beginners crochet kit, it’s super cheap and easy to start out with and after you creat your first project, I promise, you will be HOOKED! (haha sorry I couldn’t help myself..)



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