This is the beginning!

Hello and welcome!

This is the very beginning of something big. Well I hope so anyway! I have been itching to start some sort of website/blog to document and share with everyone my journey through yarn and fleece, design and just all round fun!


If you haven’t already seen my “About” page, let me introduce myself… my name is Iesha, I am currently in my 20’s and living out of a bedroom and home office in my parent’s house with my cat and dog and wonderful husband (sad, I know, but we had to move back to save for our own piece of heaven… soon hopefully!)

Here are a few facts: I am halfway between careers and am still finding my path, I am obsessed with organising things, I live on iced coffees, I have an investment property overseas, I love the outdoors, I am a notebook hoarder, and oh… that’s right, I LOVE ALL THINGS FLEECE!

I have always been crafty, I like to paint and draw, throughout my childhood I was always making little dresses for my dolls and sewing cute little tote bags. Now, in my adult life, this has escalated to knitting and crochet, cross stitch and I am hoping to be developing skills in the art of spinning my own, home grown fleece!

I will be sharing all sorts of tips and tricks, some free patterns and inspiration and hope that you will all share stuff with me too! I am always learning and trying out new techniques and always try to keep it fun!

If you would like to ask me any questions or have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact me by filling in the form below:

… alternatively, you can follow me on instagram @thefleecebunny and pinterest [thefleecebunny] where you can see in an instant when I have posted something new on my blog!




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