TFB’s Crochet Basics: Chain Stitch (ch)

Creating a chain is usually the first thing a crochet pattern will ask you to do. It usually will be written as either: Chain (#) or Ch(#)

In this post, I will be using the example of Chain 6 or Ch6.

  1. Start with your yarn already in a slip knot on your hook.img_2471
  2. Yarn over (yo) and pull through a loop.img_2472
  3. This is chain 1.img_2460
  4. Yo again and pull a loop through.img_2461
  5. This is your second ch.img_2462
  6. Repeat step 4 another four times to create 6 chain stitches!img_2463

Congrats! This is a chain! Named because it looks like a little chain made out of yarn!

When doing a project that starts with a chain, just count however many chain stitches you need as you go.

Just a tip: unless the pattern says otherwise, the yarn loop that is on your hook does not count as a chain/stitch. So if you forget how many stitches you have already done, count back from the stitch directly off your hook as indicated below.


Keep going!




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