TFB’s Crochet Basics: Slip Knot 101

Welcome to another instalment of Crochet Basics. I will be covering the first thing you need to know when learning how to crochet. The slip knot is the very first step you take with almost all crochet projects. It is basically how you “attach” your yarn to your hook!

I will be covering the technique that I personally use and find the most comfortable. I am right-handed.

Lets begin!

  1. Hold the ball end of your yarn in your left hand and the tail end of the yarn in your right hand.img_2469
  2. Bring the tail of the yarn down to form a horizontal “U” shape, hold the top of the “U” with your left hand and hold the base of the “U” with your right hand.img_2451
  3. Twist your right hand to cross the yarn, the tail end should be over the top of the ball end.img_2452
  4. Reach through the loop with your right hand and grab the ball end yarn.img_2453
  5. Pull a loop through and insert your hook, into the loop created.img_2470img_2455img_2456
  6. Pull the hook and yarn firmly to tighten the slip knot!img_2471
  7. And we are done!!!!


Now to begin your first stitches….



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